The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa’s bold new identity signals a future of growth, inclusion and giving IRFA embarks on a new journey with its “Better Together” branding initiative

by Geraldine Fowler  and Wayne Hiller van Rensburg | 28,May,2024 | Industry Updates, IRFA, Q2 2024

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 “Join us as we move forward, ‘Better Together,’ towards a future filled with promise, progress, and prosperity for all.”

The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) has introduced its new brand identity, centred around the tagline “Better Together.” IRFA President Geraldine Fowler explains that this rebranding effort signifies a new era of commitment to collaboration, growth and community within the African retirement sector in a landscape of evolving challenges and opportunities.

A distinctive logo is at the heart of IRFA’s new identity, a hand cradling the African continent. This symbolises its pledge to be a source of support and partnership for retirement funds and the diverse communities they serve across Africa. It is a powerful visual representation of IRFA’s belief that together the African retirement sector can overcome challenges and achieve a prosperous future for all.


“The introduction of the ‘GIG’ concept – Growth, Inclusion and Giving – as its guiding principle, reinforces this belief,” adds IRFA Executive Officer Wayne Hiller van Rensburg. “This approach anchors our strategies and actions in principles that resonate with the core values of our members and our communities.”

Fowler highlights that the “Better Together” initiative reflects a broader strategy aimed at fostering unity and cooperation within the retirement sector. She says, “It is a call to embrace collective efforts to ensure financial security and dignity for retirees across the continent. This philosophy underpins every aspect of our rebranding, from visual identity to community engagement, symbolising a commitment to shared goals and mutual support.”

Hiller van Rensburg adds, “Our new branding is a testament to the IRFA’s adaptive and forward thinking nature. It represents our commitment to leadership and innovation in the retirement industry. The hand supporting the African continent in our logo is not just an emblem but a covenant with our stakeholders.”

As IRFA unveils its new brand identity, it is a reminder of the strength that lies in unity and the potential for growth and transformation that collective action holds. “Our ‘Better Together’ ethos is an invitation,” Hiller van Rensburg continues, “to our members, partners and the wider community to forge a future that reflects our joint aspirations for growth, inclusion and giving, making a lasting impact on the retirement sector and the African continent as a whole.”

Fowler concludes, “The IRFA is poised for this new chapter, ready to collaborate, support and drive positive change. Together, we will navigate the future of retirement in Africa, guided by the principles of ‘GIG’ and united by our shared vision of a better, more inclusive future.”

For more information about IRFA and its initiatives, please contact Wayne Hiller van Rensburg, IRFA Executive Officer ( Mobile: +27 83 384 6681).

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