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PSG Asset Management

PSG Asset Management believes that the price you pay for an investment is extremely important and therefore our 3M approach combines a preference for attractively priced investments (our Margin of safety) with a rigorous quality overlay (assessment of Moat and Management). We follow a bottom-up, research-driven investment process.

Our research teams create carefully curated buy lists across all asset classes from which our fund managers construct portfolios within the parameters of the specific mandates in our focused fund range. We aim to construct portfolios which have a high likelihood of achieving the required return over a range of future scenarios.

Partnering with Institutional Investors

Our long-term track record affirms the success of our proven process, and our funds offer important diversification benefits to a blended client portfolio.

We understand that institutional investors are looking for superior long-term returns at appropriate risk levels considering the fiduciary responsibilities of a board of retirement fund trustees. We offer a spread of investment options:

  • fully Regulation-28 compliant balanced portfolios

  • asset allocation carve-outs, ranging from pure equity (domestic and offshore) through a risk spectrum of fixed income solutions to a money market facility

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