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Remchannel is a cutting-edge reward management platform giving employers the tools to create a defendable reward strategy. By participating in Remchannel’s surveys, employers gain extensive insight into remuneration and reward trends across industries. The platform also hosts advanced reward tools such as job profiling and job evaluation to easily create remuneration and employee benefit frameworks.

Recent global events and crises have added to economic uncertainty and workplace and remuneration complexities. More than ever, employers need access to accurate and up-to-date information about the drivers, weightings, thresholds, targets and benchmarks of remuneration, incentive and benefit structures across their own, and other, industries.

Remchannel provides businesses with this invaluable intelligence, including the following:

• Extensive market-related remuneration, reward and employee benefits information.
• Real-time data accessed via a live database that is constantly updated.
• Flexible, 24/7 data mining capabilities that allow users to define remuneration across industries, markets, job positions and grades.
• User-friendly, intuitive interfaces, including profiling and evaluation tools that allow for ease of data submission and retrieval.
• The option of bespoke remuneration and reward consulting services by experienced remuneration experts.


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